This is my personal blog, follow i'd probably follow back. Uhhh yeah so i basically just write what comes to mind and whatever feelings i have. So yeah enjoy. Plus i'll follow back for the hell of it so yeah, expect that. unless you're a porn blog.....then no follow back.

In soon time, in soon time. It’s been over a year…

xoxmeganslife said: Come on !! Pleaseee :)

Please don’t cut it 

xoxmeganslife said: Like what you write about here

Oh well what is done is done.

xoxmeganslife said: Well I actually care about what you have to say

Wait, say about what?

xoxmeganslife said: What if you just gave it to like two or three followers?

That would defeat the purpose though

xoxmeganslife said: You stopped posting and I liked reading them


xoxmeganslife said: :( I I like reading your posts, ayou stopped


xoxmeganslife said: Really? Why aren't you giving it too your followers

Because im making the blog so no one finds it, that includes ex followers who may actually be people who I actually know.

Anonymous said: Would you give it to your followers

Probably not